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4 days ago

Atlanta Black Pride
THE RISE 🌅EXPERIMENTBRINGING ART TO LIFE🎨🎻🎤🕺🏿The Rise Experiment provides a platform for community engagement, solidarity, outreach, analysis, and resources that focuses on the overall wellness of the Black & Brown LGBTQ+ community from a local and international perspective.Join us February 26, 2021As we introduce some of the AFRO PRIDE COLLECTIVE 🌈The Afro Pride Collective is comprised of a collective of diverse individual talented artists from the LGBTQ+ of color in the Broward/Dade/ Palm Beach counties. These artist unite to artist highlight issues in the community related to social injustice, discrimination, COVID-19 resilience, economic injustice, and other disparities in a expressive form of cultural and performing arts. The Collective will engage in several projects that will adhere to Covid-19 safety restrictions throughout the year.Guest:Octavia KingsKid - Artist, Singer, Poet, & SongwriterSuumadre Clark - Dancer, Instructor, & MusicianEric Allen - Dancer, Singer, & AerialistTae Henry - Artist, Singer, & SongwriterVia Facebook LIVE... South Florida Afro Pride Federation Inc🏳️‍🌈#IAmAfroPride #WeUniteUnderOurOwnLight #RiseExperiment #AfroPrideCollective #AddColorNotShade #LGBTQOrganizations#SupportBlackOwnedBusinesses #OneLoveOneCommunity ...
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