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See Us On Film 2020 Film Line Up

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See Us On Film 2020 Film Festival Line Up
Project Title Synopsis Duration Time
To whom it may concern To whom it may concern a film about a young man who's passionate about fitness and health with a desire to one day become a professional fitness coach.  ​  Life has thrown a few jabs at this young man before landing him right at his purpose. He recounts some of his life's turning points in a heartfelt letter he writes as motivation to earn a bursary at a fitness academy.  ​  This film touches on themes of hope, passion, legacy and authenticity. 00:03:07 12:00 PM
WE BOTH DREAM OF WAVES A short experimental documentary recounting memories of people navigating the world as a non-man.   00:11:18 12:05 PM
Life of a Fabricated Boy  Life of a Fabricated Boy, staring Adam Taylor, and Nate Lovell depicts the harsh realities of  being a queer person of color; living in a world where often times, we are forced to table our queerness for the sake of the movement. 00:05:36 12:10 PM
90's R&B This is a short film parody of reminiscent memories of teen-age hood and 90's R&B. 00:05:13 12:16 PM
Keepin'it real  In the heart of a black subconscious, three sisters sing. They tell us the stories of an angry boy, an unhappy girl and a ballroom surrounded by marble statues. What is their connection? They are all B.L.A.C.K ... 00:14:21 12:22 PM
Chigualo At the Chigualo festival, the death of Jesus is celebrated during this day God does not look at the sins of the people. Manu (10) indigenous boy from the Ecuadorian coast will use this day to reveal his desire to be a girl. 00:18:21 12:38 PM
Heart Beats Two male star-crossed lovers find the courage to stand up for love against their opposing worlds. 00:06:00 12:57 PM
Identity Pie Everyone has an identity that is intersectional, but what would happen if we started embracing that fact? With my video I would like for it’s viewers to reach a common ground, and respect the fact that we are the same in the sense that we are so different. 00:01:55 1:03 PM
Treach Feature Film Full Film  Public health official nurse Esther rivers discovers Roy. who is grieving over his loss daughters. Rivers persuades Roy to participate in a study for a cure for syphilis in African Americans amongst a group of men. After the great depression what once was a cure becomes a sick human experiment. 00:44:19 1:05 PM
#RECOGNIZEmyHUMANITY (4 part series) This 4 part short film series was created in response to the overwhelming amount of violation I've experienced in the work place.  Specifically regarding the lack of respect for my humanity.  How much damage, pain, and hurt this lack of being seen has contributed to the continued harm and abuse of my person.   #RECOGNIZEmyHUMANITY provides a glimpse into the complexities of cultural stigma, and the resistance occurring when individual healing takes place.  00:02:59 1:53 PM
Black Butterfly  High school students portray the layers of Black LGBTQ identity in a film that advocates for acceptance from their community.  00:05:00 1:58 PM
Thicker Than Blood “Thicker Than Blood” tells the story of Jordan, a young man who returns home for the first time in three years to celebrate his older brother’s promotion to partnership in a prestigious law firm. During what’s supposed to be a joyous afternoon of family, friends, and food, secrets are revealed, masks are uncovered, and some things are said that just can’t be taken back. A once tight-knit family is left broken and faced with the task of trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces and put them back together before losing each other… forever. 01:15:00 2:00 PM
Doze of Reality Satire is a staple of the film industry, and provides powerful social commentary and uses humor to entertain audiences. Satire is the use of humor, irony, sarcasm to address something/someone. Public figures, such as politicians, are often the subject of satire, but satirists can take aim at other targets as well—from societal conventions to government policies.  In our short film, Doze of Reality, Wide Angle’s high school video team drew inspiration from music videos, movies, and television series like “Dear, White People” to gain the attention of the viewer using a Menippean-style of satire which targets mindsets or world views. This project exercised our skills in research, ideation, script-writing, project management, leadership, and video production.   Watch the video and reflect on your implicit biases. 00:04:19 3:15 PM
We Hike to Heal Kenya and Michelle Jackson-Saulters found each other and then combined their passions to create The Outdoor Journal Tour. Through a series of events called We Hike to Heal, their goal is to empower women through journaling, meditation, and spending time in the outdoors. Now, women across the country use their model and Kenya’s teachings to find their own healing on local trails and in community with one another. 00:06:39 3:18 PM
Ghost Pains: The Monster Within De’Presence, Susie, and Bullock all have one thing in common and that’s pain. They all live their everyday lives doing the things they love and at the same time hide behind their smiles. No one has never known their story of struggles and obstacles until something tragic happened which land them all in the same counseling session. After each of their stories are told, the counselor realize that the stories are all related to the exact same struggles, he has lived with all his life and listening to their stories has helped him forgive those who have hurt him, disown him, mentally and physically abuse him, and caused him to fall into a deep state of mind. Sometimes it takes others to help overcome pain that people on the outside never see. The pain one goes through, that others don’t see, is a ghost in their eyes, but a monster that lives within yourself. 00:15:53 3:24 PM
Chocolate Milk A young college student of color struggles to find racial identity and acceptance among his campus peers, while trying to exist in a world perceived to be only black or white. 00:09:54 3:35 PM
Black Cherries  Black Lives Matter 00:03:28 3:45 PM
Black Rose Leah's life comes to a stand still, when her boyfriend is arrested for inciting violence at a Black Lives Matter protest. 00:05:15 3:49 PM
#TMI #TMI is a comedy series that follows Aaliyah Jones, a bisexual womxn who recently became single after her ex-girlfriend Simone moved to Berlin. Aaliyah’s best friend Pharrell’s has a wedding shower where huge secrets are revealed and chaos ensues after Simone shows up to celebrate their mutual friend. Life and love will never be the same for this tight-knit group of friends and lovers 00:23:23 3:54 PM
Man Down After the racially charged shooting of an unarmed teenager, an officer of color must decide whether to stand on the side of the law or seek justice for his community. 00:15:00 4:16 PM
ENTANGLEMENT Laura is conflicted with the thought of informing her husband about her extramarital affairs which could break her home.  00:12:27  
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