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A Seed of Hope


A Seed of Hope  

Dear Friends,

Over the past few weeks, America has been on edge as protests erupted in several cities underscored the urgency of a national awaking on racial justice.

The trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin faced multiple charges in the death of George Floyd, a moment that has forced America to confront decades of social injustice. As you already know, the jury has decided that Derek Chauvin is guilty of all three charges.

It is our hope that the senseless death of George Floyd will mark a turning point in America’s efforts to end racial disparity and inequality. The loss of Mr. Floyd and so many other Black and Brown individuals should unite us and bring us together to address the inequities we see in our communities.

The only way to reverse the long history of racism and injustice is to continue working together, seeking creative solutions, and genuinely valuing every individual.

While the trial of Derek Chauvin is over, the fight for so many others has only begun. The impact of their death will be felt for generations. Let’s take a moment to reflect on what we can do to ensure greater dignity, diversity and inclusion for all.


Terence D. Stewart
Atlanta Black Pride, Inc.
Pronouns: he/him/his